The Undesirables

McKay's only accepts items we feel reasonably sure we can sell. There are several reasons we reject items, including (but not limited to):

  • Age Limits — Software and most nonfiction categories are subject to age limits. These vary widely from topic to topic.

  • Condition, Books — We accept books that are in good condition. Keep in mind, we do not offer much for fiction.

  • Condition, Multimedia — We accept scratched and “very scratched” CDs and video games. However, some DVDs may be rejected due to condition. We perform a visual check of all media items, and reject any that are in poor condition.

  • Condition, Electronic Hardware — All video game components and MP3 players must come with the necessary parts so that we can test them. We only accept hardware that is in good working condition.

  • Free Items — In general, items that come free with purchase or are handed out free by religious groups or other organizations are not accepted.

  • Packaging — Audio books, CDs, and movies must be in their original packaging. Hardback fiction must have a dust jacket.

  • Old Encyclopedias— We do not accept encyclopedias that are more than 10 years old.


We also do not take:


  • Audio Books on Cassette

  • Lab Manuals that accompany specific textbooks or classes

  • Library books — current or discarded

  • Most Book Club Fiction

  • VHS tapes

  • National Geographic magazines

  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Fiction

  • Reader’s Digest Magazines

  • Ring-bound books

  • Partial Sets — In most cases, CD, book, audio book, and video sets must be complete in order for us to accept them.

  • Solutions Manuals for specific textbooks

  • Stapled — We are very selective about the stapled material we accept.

  • Study guides for specific textbooks

  • Textbooks, Custom-printed

  • Textbooks, Issued — If there is any writing in the “issued to” box at the front of the book, we will not accept the book.


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