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How to Trade and Sell

1. Know which kind of order is best for you. 

Trading in Winston-Salem, NC? Check out their special rules here

a. Doing a Day Order?


    Watch this quick video, or follow the steps below.

How To Sort Your Totes:

b. Doing a Drop Off or Large Order?


Read our in-store sign, or talk to the Greeter.

2. Sort your items into totes.

Use the WHITE totes for books.

Use the BLUE totes for everything else.

3. Take your packed totes to the Greeter Desk.

4. You will be given an order number.

5. Watch for your number on the screen.

6. Return to the Greeter for your offer.

7. Cash or Credit?

8. The Fine Print

McKay's issues trade credit for items brought in by customers.


  • Credit may be used for anything in the store except gift cards.

  • Trade credits never expire.

  • Once you’ve accepted trade for your items, that trade cannot be converted into cash.

  • We are unable to replace lost trade slips.

We also offer cash payment for some items.


The amount of cash or credit is not negotiable.

You must present your valid, government-issued ID in order to receive payment. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Driver’s license

  • Passport*

  • State-issued ID card

*Passports are not accepted at the Knoxville location.

Heads up!


- Don't forget to bring a government issued ID!

- We reserve the right to reject any items that we deem unsaleable.

- Be aware of our daily limits and the various options for trading and selling!


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