Select your store to order a Curbside Entertainment Bag:

What are Curbside Entertainment Bags?

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, McKAY's is offering themed bundles to help provide you and your families with educational materials to help you grow and learn while self-quarantining. McKAY's employees will select items at random according to your requested theme and place them in bag for you to pickup at a later day/time. Use the links above to access the order form for your store.

What are "Weekly Theme Bags"?

Each week, we will pick a genre or theme that is more specified than our other offerings. Check back every week for the new options. Have a request for a weekly theme? Feel free to email us your suggestions at

Can I make special requests about what you put in my bag?

While our staff will be randomly selecting the items for your order, if you'd like to make a special request, feel free to note that in the comment field on the order form. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to honor that request, but we'll do our best to take those requests into account.

I've placed an order for Curbside - now what?

The steps are easy! 1. Keep your confirmation email upon purchase for your own records. 2. On Thursday*, drive to the store during the designated time (this can be found in your confirmation email, as well as on the order form). 3. Follow staff directions to receive your order. *Orders placed AFTER 11am on Wednesdays will not be available for pickup until the following Thursday. Example: Orders made BEFORE 11:00am Wednesday, April 21, will be available for pickup on Thursday, April 22. Orders made AFTER 11:00am Wednesday, April 21, won't be available until Thursday, April 29.

Can I pay using cash or store credit when I arrive?

Sadly, no. In order to best protect you as well as our staff, we can only accept advance digital payments at this time. This allows us to have a contactless service and adhere to CDC best practices.

Can I choose my own pickup time?

At present, you cannot select your own time. We kindly ask that you arrive during the day/time window provided.

What if I don't like my items? Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available for these specialized, themed bags. However, you are welcome to bring them in to sell back to us when we are able to accept incoming product again.

How can I reach someone to ask questions that aren't answered here?

You can email for any questions/concerns you may have. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new service together!